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Dictionary of Prataculture (Second Edition) edited by Academician Ren Jizhou is approved by the National Publication Fundation

Dictionary of Prataculture (2008), edited by Academician Ren Jizhou and published by China Agriculture Press, is regarded as a landmark of pratacultural science in China.

In China, pratacultural science and prataculture industry are rising. Prataculture is not only an essential factor of economic growth of pratacultural industry, but also an important field in which human beings rely on natural resources to protect the environment and make rational use of resources to achieve sustainable development. With the rapid development of prataculture, pratacultural science has also developed accordingly. A large number of terms emerge, and the connotation and denotation of old terms are constantly enriched. To revise the Dictionary of Prataculture (2008) as soon as possible, which has been published for more than ten years, is warmly expected by the society. The publication of its second edition will help to standardize and promote the development of prataculture, which is of necessity to get abreast of the times.

Initiated and guided by Academician Ren Jizhou, the secretariat of the second edition of Dictionary of Prataculture in Lanzhou University was established in November 2019 with the support of Chinese Grassland Society, National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Lanzhou University and other institutions for the revision of the Dictionary of Prataculture, which collected experts in pratacultureal industry and related disciplines from all over the country to complete the compilation as soon as possible on the premise of ensuring the quality to meet the needs of the construction of the ecological civilization in the new era.

It was reported that in 2021, 405 projects will be founded by the National Publication Fundation, including three dictionaries, and The Dictionary of Prataculture ( Second Edition) is one of them.