Student Life

Accommodation& Dining


In the Campus

University provides special accommodation building for International students, which respectively are Yuejin Builidng and Guest House (all in the main campus).

Room facilities: Guest house have double room and single room, which have private bathroom, public kitchen equipped with microwave and washing machine in every floor.Yuejin Building only have double room which have private bathroom and kitchen.

Fees: Double room-- RMB 20 /day (for students from Central Asia),RMB 30/day (for Students from other area.)Single room—RMB 40/day (for students from Central Asia),RMB 60/day (for Students from other area.)(Scholarship students do not need to pay for accommodation fee)

There is also a public laundry room near Muslim canteen.

Food& Restaurant

Home-cooking: There is big supermarket (Vanguard) opposite the front gate of Lanzhou university, you can buy many stuff there.

University canteen: Every campus have canteen and Muslim restaurant which have affordable price, need student card to pay.

Off-campus restaurant: There are all kinds of restaurants near university, the near ones located in Gannan Road which right opposite the front gate of university, the local food is also in that street such as: beef noodles, roasted mutton.

You can also search on website( all kind of restaurant information.