Oct. 11 10:30AM: Fluorescence Micro-Spectroscopy in Materials Science

Title of Lecture: Fluorescence Micro-Spectroscopy in Materials Science

Speaker:  Albert Fred Brouwer

Time: Friday, October 11, 2013. 10:30AM

Place: No. 101 Lecture Hall, the Second Chmistry Building, LZU


In this seminar, three case studies will be presented that demonstrate the power of fluorescence microscopy for the study of soft matter. In the first, single dye molecules are used to probe the glass transition in polymer films. The second example is more applied, and shows how the transformation of a latex dispersion to a coating film can be observed directly in real time. The third topic is about the mechanical contacts between objects, visualized at the submicrometer scale, yielding insight into the structure of jammed granular matter, and into the contacts relevant for friction.

Introduction to the speaker:

Fred (Albert Manfred) Brouwer is a professor of Spectroscopy and Photonic Materials at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. He studied physical, theoretical and organic chemistry at Leiden University, where he obtained a PhD in 1987 on a photochemical study. Then he worked at the University of Amsterdam in the group of Prof. J.W. Verhoeven as an assistent and later as an associate professor. The main topic of research in that period was photo-induced electron transfer, which was investigated using a variety of spectroscopic methods. Since 2001 he has run his own group, since 2006 as a professor, studying among other things light-driven molecular machines, applications of fluorescent probes, and photochemical water splitting.