Cultural roundtable conference on Silk Road Economic Belt

August 23-29, 2014, Lanzhou, China
China Soong Ching Ling Foundation
Beijing, China
Lanzhou University
    Lanzhou, China

The Silk Road has played an irreplaceable role in economic and trade exchanges and cultural dialogues between China and Eurasian countries, and also is becoming the value paradigm for promoting regional cooperation and peaceful development of Europe and Asia. Therefore, it is of great significance to rediscover and explore the value of the Silk Road.

Thereupon Cultural Roundtable Conference on the Silk Road Economic Belt will provide an excellent platform for sharing original views on the status quo of cooperation among the countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and opportunities and challenges they confronted with in the fields of politics, economy, culture, science and technology. Papers are invited that explore these topics and other topics falling into the themes of the conference. Please send an abstract with 300 or less words in Chinese, English or Russian by July 15, 2014 via email to or

We learn that you have made great achievements in research on the Silk Road and its related subjects. It is our great honor to invite you to attend this conference and share your insights. For more information about the conference please enter

Contact Persons: Qiang WANG (Mr.),
Lijuan YANG (Ms.),
Tel: 0931-8912169;0931-8912729
Fax: 0931-8625576