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Yan Chunhua and Wang Xudong win HLHL Prize for 2018

On November 6th , the award-giving ceremony of HLHL Prize for 2018 was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Yan Chunhua, president of Lanzhou University (LZU) and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, won "Science and technology prize in chemistry of HLHL Funds". Wang Xudong, alumnus of LZU and president of Dunhuang Academy, won "Science and technology prize in regional innovation of HLHL Funds".

Academician Yan Chunhua devoted himself to the research on the theory and application of tombarthite separation as well as tombarthite functional materials.With the development of "Cascade extraction theory conducted by his team", achievements have been made in  the precise design about the index of cascade extraction of medium-weight tombarthite and massive production of heavy tombarthite in high purity. At the same time, such achievements also promote the application of tombarthite in high-end materials, instruments and equipment, consolidate the leading role of China in the tombarthite separation in the world, and contribute to the development of tombarthite science and high-tech industry in China. 

Researcher Wang Xudong, long contributed himself to the research of the theory and application in protecting earthen ruins, grottoes and fresco in the harsh environment of western China, has led his team to successfully develop the protecting technology on earthen ruins under arid environment and ancient fresco, which has made protection work more scientific and normative. He has also made theoretical breakthrough and technological innovation on protection philosophy, damage prevention and repair, protection technology and equipment. 

It is said that both the recommendation materials and effective nominee of HLHL Prize exceeded 700 and the final selected ratio reached 13:1 and 14:1 respectively. In accordance with the strict standard of review given by the judging panel, 37 outstanding scientific and technical workers who have made important inventions, discoveries and scientific achievements stood out and were awarded “ Science and technology prize in chemistry of HLHL Funds”. A total of 18 excellent scientific and technical workers, with high-level technological achievements, were given “Science and technology prize in regional innovation of HLHL Funds” for their technological and management innovations, which have brought great economic and social profits.


(Translated by Sun Lianyue; proofread by Yang Han; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)