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Gravity Research Center of Lanzhou University holds working symposium

On December 24th, 2018, working symposium of Gravity Research Center, Lanzhou University, also the forum on gravitational redshift detection satellite technology was held in Room 201 of the Yifu Science Building.

Hu Wenrui, academician ofthe Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Yijun, party secretary of 510 Institute of China Aerospace Industry Corporation and other technical experts were invited to attend the forum. Yuan Zhanting, Party Secretary of LZU, President Yan Chunhua, and other principals of LZU presented the meeting. The meeting was presided by Luo Honggang, dean of School of Physical Science and Technology.

At the meeting, Professor Huo Hongqing, member of Gravity Research Center, delivered a report entitled The Progress of the Center's Participation in the Taiji Project and the Survey of Gravitational Redshift Detection Satellite Technology. Tu Jianhui, deputy general manager of Business Division of Quantum Frequency Scale, 510 Institute, gave a technical report named "The Present Situation and Prospect of Space Atomic Clock". Then, the attendees discussed about the redshift technology.

Hu Wenrui has always paid his attention to LZU's participation in the "Taiji Project"—China's detection program on space gravitational wave, and praised its recent progress. He also introduced its current situation and progress at home and abroad. Besides, he suggested that LZU should give full play to its theoretical advantages and put forward some suggestions for experimental verification. He hoped that LZU and 510 Institute would strengthen cooperation under principles of mutual benefit. Li Yijun said, LZU enjoyed a solid theoretical foundation and 510 Institute the advantages of providing products. Thus, cooperation between the two sides can promote multi-disciplinary integration, which means a lot to drive the development of the two sides.

(Translated by Liu Zhiting; proofread by Li Chunrong; edited by Tanbai)