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Lanzhou University Win National Funding in Mordenizaiton of Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a major special project of “Study on the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the Key Technology Research on Dangshen (the root of Codonopsis pilosula) Industry and Development of Comprehensive Health Products was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST). The project was led by Professor Hu Fangdi with project funding of 61.16 million yuan, including 9.7 million yuan from the central government financial funds, 10 million yuan from the local government, and 41.46 million yuan from Lanzhou University.

Gansu, known as a major province of planning high-quality traditional Chinese herbs such as the root of Codonopsis pilosula and Chinese angelica, has unique advantages on developing traditional Chinese medicine industry. Gansu Provincial Committee of the CPC and Gansu People’s Government have also integrated the industry into its “Top Ten Green Eco-Industries”as one of development priorities.

As the National Key Research and Development Program (NKRDP), this project is a state-level project with the highest ranking in the field of scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. The “Key Technology Research on Dangshen Industry and Development of Comprehensive Health Products" is the highest science and technology project at state level that Lanzhou university got in the field of biomedicine and also the national highest-level science and technology program which Gansu province won in traditional Chinese medicine for the first time since the implementation of the “The 12th Five-year Plan”.

Continuing to hold the spirit of actively serving for local economy and society and supporting national major strategies, Lanzhou University (LZU) proactively pools together the expertise on Dangshen research on the basis of researches from LZU experts and closely cooperates with Science and Technology, Gansu Province., Gansu Province. After reporting to and communicating with the Department of Social Development of MST and professional organizations many times, LZU eventually succeeds in the fierce competition.

The approval and implementation of the project will push the research on Dangshen at LZU to the national levele, which will provide intellectual support for the sound and sustainable development of Dangshen industry in Gansu province and even the whole country.

(Translated by Wang Shuangshuang; proofread by Xian Qinghong; edited by Tanbai)