Call for works in the 7th “Exceptional Insight Cup” Campus Short Film and Photo Exhibition


  To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University, the 7th Exceptional Insight Cup will focus on the works covering LZU stories, including teacher's teaching demeanor, students’ daily life, and the campus scenery, so as to uphold the spirit of LZU and take the activity as a gift to the Alma Mater. Meanwhile, alumni part is set up to collect short films and photographs of LZU from alumni.

  1. The Content of Works

  Original photographic works, original short films, original scripts (The work should be the ones created within the past one year.)

  1. The Submission Requirements
    1.     The Theme of Photography

  In preparation for the 110th anniversary of LZU, the photography will be centered on the theme of “Dynamic Classroom, Youth Campus”, and the specific shooting contents are as follows:

1. Focus on the teacher’s teaching demeanor, classroom live, the expression of classmates’ communication and learning, and the teacher-student interaction scenarios.

2. Capture the spirit when students are studying attentively and preparing for the examination in the library.

3. Take a candid shot of various student activities at LZU, especially the brilliant performance of the students involved in sports competitive activities, cultural performances and other activities.

4. Explore the unique perspective of the campus to take an impressive campus picture.

5. Capture the scene of clothing, food and shelter of the students by going deep into their daily life in the canteen, the campus market and other places.

Note: Please submit work description with no less than 500 words that focuses on the work’s meanings and implications.

  1. The Theme of Short Film
  1. Drama films, documentaries and propaganda films telling the stories of LZU teachers and students to publicize the spirit of LZU.
  2. Drama films and documentaries with unique artistic style, carrying forward optimistic and positive spirit.
  1. Who can participate in Exceptional Insight Cup ?

  All undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni are permitted. Also, alumni from previous years are also welcomed to submit original photos about the school during old times.

  1. The Schedule

Time for Work Collection: from now to June 30

Time for Work Exhibition: July 1 to July 15

Time for Work Review: July 16 to August 1

The awarding time is expected to be in the middle and late August.

  1. Work Submission (via E-mail)

  Please submit the final photographs, scripts and electronic registration forms to the e-mail: After the submission, you will receive a “Accepted” email indicating your successful entry.


Wei Yuping: 14702844650 (Yuzhong Campus)

Luo Huan: 18883991890 (Chengguan Campus)

  1. Awards and Commendations

  There will be one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and several finalist awards in the photography unit of this activity. Alumni photography unit will be added and their works awards will be listed separately. In the short film unit, there are Best Short Film Award, Best Director Award, Best Shooting Award, Best Editing Award, Best Documentary Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Original Screenplay Award and “The most beautiful campus story Award”.

  1. Ownership of Copyright

  After each participant’s work has been submitted, it shall be deemed to have agreed that the organizer of the activity and its licensee shall have the right to use the work (the copyright is still owned by the author) and shall not be paid for the work.


(Translated by Xue Shujie; proofread by Zhang Yuyuan; edited by Tanbai)