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Amazing! Brilliant Birds in BadainJaran Desert

There are only a few birds living in arid desert and they mainly perch on the ground. Generally, several birds can be detected in 1 kilometer but leaving no trace of wrings in decades kilometers. If anything, wader can be seen in xerothermic summer. BadainJaran Desert is an easily concealed landscape with good natural environment, in which over 110 lakes with water accumulation all year around exist. Hygrophyte such as Phragmites communis and Typha orientalis Presl growing along these lakes provide natural habitat for birds which brim over with vigor and vitality to the desert. However, how many kinds of birds are living in the desert can’t be illustrated because there has not been any survey on the species diversity in this area. After the investigation for many years, Liqiang Zhao, Dezhong Zhang and Naiang Wang from Research Center for Glacier and Desert, LZU, have taken pictures of more than 30 kinds of birds whose roosting place, foraging and migration forges an unique view.

Ruddy Shelduck


Demoiselle Crane

Eurasian Spoonbill and Great Cormorant

Night Heron

Black-neck Stilt

Pied Avocet

Little Ringed Plover



Chukar Partridge

Upland Buzzard

Pander's Ground Jay

Barn Swallow

White Wagtail

Pied Wheatear




Black-winged Stilt