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Homage to Motherland, Homage to the Youth-----Students from Lanzhou University Won the Championship of 2019 Chang’an College Town Half Marathon

On the occasion of The Youth Day, ten thousand runners gathered in Xi’an to participate in 2019 Chang’an College Town Half Marathon to celebrate 70th anniversary of the establishment of People’s Republic of China and one hundredth anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, inheriting the spirit of the May Fourth Movement. They marched through Chang’an college town with striving spirit to pay tribute to the youth and to their Alma Mater and also to commemorate one hundredth anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. After fierce competition, Xiao Jing from School of Economics of Lanzhou University won the champion of women’s group with an excellent score of 1:19:55.

There were 6,000 domestic and foreign students from over 140 universities to participate in this competition where the number of participating college students is the largest. Moreover, it is the first competition free to sign up for college students in China and is also a sport event to show vitality of college students. Because of the excellent performance in 100-mile relay race with universities in Xi’an, the organizing committee specially invited Wang Kuiliang, Xiao Jing, Ma Decai and Zhang Zonglin to participate in this competition.

Furthermore, the top 100 runners who won 2019 Chang’an College Town Half  Marathon have privileges of participating in 2019 Xi’an International Marathon.