The 11th session of “Investigation and Innovation” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019

At the invitation of the School of Physical Science and Technology and Cuiying Honor College, Lanzhou University, Professor Zhang Xiaodan from Nankai University will visit our school and make an academic report. Teachers and students are welcome to attend.

Speaker: Professor Zhang Xiaodan

Title: Silicon-based Multi-junction Solar Cells

Time: 9:30, May 29, 2019

Location: Room 3016 in Gezhi Building

Abstract: Among numerous photovoltaic (PV) technologies, multi-junction solar cells (MJSC) have their unique advantages.It can not only provide high open voltage and restrain carrier thermal relaxation loss, but also has high efficiency. Furthermore, it has unique advantages in civil and industrial applications. We herein report our latest progress in fabricating high-performing MJSCs. In addition, we have developed a new perovskite/silicon heterojunction laminated solar cell with an efficiency of over 22%.

Speaker Profile: Zhang Xiaodan, a professor of Nankai University, a doctoral supervisor, the Director of the Institute of Photo Electronic Thin Film Devices and Technology, and also the Director of Tianjin Key Laboratory of Photo Electronic Thin Film Devices and Technology.

 (Translated by Zhang Wei, proofread by Li Zhi)