The 12th session of “Investigation and Innovation” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019

At the invitation of the School of Physical Science and Technology as well as the Cuiying Honors College, Prof. Xiang Dong from Nankai University will come to visit and deliver an academic report in our school. Teachers and students are welcome to attend the report then.

Speaker: Professor Xiang Dong

Title: A Crossover Study of Unimolecule Photoelectric Devices and MEMS Optics

Time: 10:30 am., 29th May, 2019

Location: Room 3016, Gezhi Building

Abstract: Structuring the functional photoelectric devices utilizing the unimolecules can not only meet some miniaturized and even highly-integrated demands of devices, but also study the intrinsic physical and chemical phenomena of the materials on the level of molecule as well as their regulation laws, which is the scientific foundation of the research and development of the molecule photoelectric devices in the future. Prof. Xiang Dong will introduce some achievements his research group has made in unimolecule photoelectric devices, the latter’s application, as well as some opportunities and challenges the research group faces.

An introduction to the speaker: Prof. Xiang Dong, the associate-director of the Modern Optics Institute in Nankai University and the excellent young talent of China’s Special Support Plan for High-Level Talents. Prof. Xiang has published more than 100 journals and conference papers. 

(Translated by Yanghan; proofread by Zhang Yuyuan)