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Dr. Mi La Lurier from European University at St.Peterburg
Visited Lanzhou University

On May 7, at the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Dr. Mi La Lurier, an associate professor of anthropology from European University at St. Petersburg, came to LZU for academic exchanges and gave an excellent lecture "Regional Cognition and identification in the Context of Urban Texts" to teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures at room 401 in Mingdao Building.

From the perspective of anthropology and semiotics, Dr. Mi La Lurier believed that the city is not only a complex social and economic whole, but also the object for regional community to think, reflect and construct. Space elements, events, and history of urban, as well as modern characters are endowed with specific evaluation significance which is embodied in texts and practice. In his lecture, Dr. Mi La Lurier talked about the construction and function of regional texts, the cognitive system of urban residents and the impact of regional texts on the regional identity of urban residents. Fresh knowledge and unique perspective of the lecture aroused audiences’ active responses with warm and friendly atmosphere.

(Translated by Lizhi, Proofread by Zhangwei)