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The International Academic Conference on “Multiculture and Social Work: Dialogue and Communication in Globalization Era” was Held at Lanzhou University

The International Academic Conference on “Multiculture and Social Work: Dialogue and Communication in Globalization Era” was held at Lanzhou University from May 8 to 10 to meet structural needs of the development of social work in new era. It was sponsored by Center for Studies of Ethnic Minorities in Northwest China of Lanzhou University and co-organized by the Special Committee on Ethnic Social Work of China Association for Social Work Education and the Research Center for Rural Development and Social Security in Western China of Gansu Agricultural University, and supported by Social Work, journal of China Social Science Excellence (CSSE) of Renmin University of China.

There were about 131 experts and scholars from 54 universities, research institutions and social work institutions in China and foreign countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, etc... Professor Cynthia Kiro, Vice President of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Professor David R. Hodge from the University of Arizona, Professor Bree Peron from the University of Michigan, Professor Wang Sibin and Professor Liu Jitong from Peking University as well as other four experts delivered keynote speeches.

There are many themes at the conference, including social work in globalization era, cultural diversity and social work, social work services for urban mobile population, development policies and services of social work in China, cultural sensitivity and the cultural ability of social workers, social work services for ethnic minorities, etc. Scholars from all over the world had heated discussions on how to innovate social governance model, improve social well-being and promote social harmony through multicultural social work.

During the conference, Academician Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University, met with foreign guests and said that Lanzhou University would actively promote cooperation with overseas colleges and universities in the fields of ethnic research and social work, and jointly drive the dialogue and development of multicultural social work.

(Translated by Xian Qinghong, proofread by Wang Shuangshuang)