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LZU leaders attend the World University Presidents Forum

From October16th to 17th , President Yan Chunhua was invited to attend the World University Presidents Forum held in Nankai University, and discussed “The Mission and Capacity Building of World-Class Universities” with university presidents and heads of well-known research institutions at home and abroad.

In the topic discussion on standards of the world-class universities, Yan Chunhua pointed out that  the universities should have their own unique culture first and first-class teaching staff as well as first-class talent training.

During the forum, Yan Chunhua was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency and other medias, and exchanged ideas on jointly building world-class universities, practical scientific research cooperation and other issues with Korea University, Indiana University, Ritsumeikan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, St. Petersburg University, University of Alberta and Queen's University as well as Elsevier.

Translated by Wang Shuangshuang; proofread by Xian Qinghong; edited by Li Chunrong.