【LECTURE】Computation meets gravitation: spontaneous deformation of spherical black holes


Speaker: Prof.Tian Yu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Time: 4:00 p.m., November 3

Venue: Room 1226, Science and Engineering Building, School of Physical Science and Technology


We present a simplified framework of numerical relativity in the characteristic formalism that can treat dynamical evolution, static solution and linear perturbation in a unified way. This framework is most suitable for asymptotically AdS black holes, but it can also be used in other kinds of gravitational systems. As an interesting example, we investigate the spontaneous breaking of the spherical symmetry in an AdS black hole system. The phase diagram of the static solutions, the linear stability analysis (quasi-normal modes) and the fully nonlinear dynamical simulation are all achieved in our simplified framework of numerical relativity.


Source:School of Physical Science and Technology