【LECTURE】Space Electric Field Detection Technology and Application


Speaker: Dr. Ma Mianjun, lanzhou institute of physics, CAST
Time: 3:00 p.m., November 14
Venue: Room 1226, Science and Engineering Building, School of Physical Science and Technology


"ZH-1" space electricfield detector has realized the first large-scale and high-sensitivity detection of the space electric field abord the satellite platform in China, and is the only ionospheric electric field detection payload currently operating in orbit after the French ICE , achieving the highest resolution space electric field detection in the world so far. Its scientific data productions have been officially released to users at home and aboard, and global ionospheric dynamic spatial electric field data images are clear and reliable, then providing important data resource for relevant scholars and institutes to carry out research on earthquake breeding and short-term prediction, space physics research and space situation awareness.


Source: School of Physical Science and Technology