【LECTURE】Compactness and Existence Results of the Prescribing Fractional Q-curvature problem

Speaker: Prof. Tang Zhongwei, School of Mathematical Sciences, Beijng Normal University
Time: 9:00 a.m., November 11
Venue: Room 631, Science and Engineering Building


In this talk, I will present some results of the prescribing fractional Q-curvature problem, weare devoted to establishing the compactness and existence results of the solutions to the prescribing fractional Q-curvature problem of order $2\sigma$ on n-dimesional standard sphere when $n-2\sigma=2$, $\sigma=1+m/2$, $m \in \mathbb{N}_+$.The compactness results are novel and optimal. In addition, we prove a degree-counting formula of all solutions to achieve the existence. From our results, we can know where blow up occur. Furthermore, the sequence of solutions that blow up precisely at any finite distinct location can be constructed. It is worth noting that our results include the case of multiple harmonic. This is a joint work with Dr. Yan Li and Ning Zhou.

Source: School of Mathematics and Statistics