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Professor Xiong's Group Spearheads Initiative for Vegetable Waste Resource Utilization at Xinying Station

Guided by Professor Xiong's scientific expertise,  the  research group has started a new project to address the important issue of sustainable utilization of vegetable waste.

The research group held a productive seminar at the Xinying Station. Esteemed guests, such as Professor Li from Gansu Agricultural University, Dr. Fazal, and Wasim, collaborated effectively with the group to engage nine students in detailed discussions. The aim of the seminar was to refine the research proposals of the students. The environment was perfect for productive conversations, creating a space where people shared valuable insights and developed ideas together. The participation of distinguished guests brought in-depth expertise to the discussions, enriching the learning experience for everyone involved.

After the seminar, the group conducted a thorough assessment of the land resources and experimental facilities at the newly established site. Using their expertise, all students under the group's guidance have been carefully assigned space for pot culture and field experiments, effectively utilizing the ample land resources available.

Specifically, the greenhouse space is constrained due to the presence of only a small greenhouse. There is an urgent need to construct a larger greenhouse spanning more than 400 square meters. This new facility must be prepared within 20 days to ensure readiness before April 5th, allowing the team to utilize it effectively.

In conclusion, the active steps and smart ideas put forward by Professor Xiong's group at the Xinying Station show how they lead and work together to make better use of vegetable waste. By planning carefully and sticking to high standards, the group is about to make big progress in using resources in a sustainable way.