【LECTURE】Managing Emergency Logistics for Hazardous Materials

Speaker: Dr. Ginger Y. Ke, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Time: 9:00-11:00, April 26

Venue: Room 501-503, Qiyun Building, School of Management



This presentation discusses the management of emergency logistics for hazardous materials, with a special focus on the impact of possible system disruptions on system performance. More particularly, we first present a time-varying risk assessment method that takes into consideration the population dynamism. Then the two-stage robust optimization approach is employed to formulate two mixed-integer programming models, namely the basic and expanded unit commitment models, for managing a reliable emergency response system. The locations of emergency facilities are determined in the first stage, and recourse decisions are made in the second stage after the uncertain disruptions are realized. A column-and-constraint-generation algorithm is used to solve the proposed models exactly and tested on various-sized random instances. A real-world case study with a series of numerical analyses reveals managerial insights that can be applied to facilitate more effective and efficient emergency responses. The presentation concludes with a brief discussion of possible future research directions.


Source:School of Management