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LZU and KazNARU Jointly Build the China-Kazakhstan Intelligent Agriculture Center

Chinese President Xi Jinpingand Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev signed the joint statement between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and witnessed the exchange of dozens of bilateral cooperation documents in the fields of economy and trade, connectivity, aviation and aerospace, education and media, following their talks in Astana, Kazakhstan, July 3, 2024.

Agreement on Co-construction of the China-Kazakhstan Intelligent Agriculture Center by LZU of China and Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (KazNARU) was exchanged by the Ministers of Education of both sides. This is a milestone in the cooperation between LZU and Kazakhstan’s universities, as well as the cooperation with Central Asian countries, which reflects the confidence of two universities to jointly promote the China-Kazakhstan and China-Central Asia exchange and cooperation on higher education.

 Under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University Franmework, LZU has strengthened  cooperation with Central Asian countries, advanced high-level cooperation with Kazakh universities and institutions, and spawned a fruitful relationship with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, KazNARU and other Kazakh universities in recent years. In 2023, President Yan Chunhua and Vice President Gou Xiaohua successively led a team to visit Kazakhstan and held in-depth talks on inter-university cooperation with KazNARU and other universities. In May 2024, Professor Long Ruijun, together with representatives from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange as well as the Belt and Road Research Center, visited KazNARU and carried out detailed and comprehensive discussions on joint application of scientific research projects, exchange of summer camp students, and co-construction of the intelligent agriculture center, and reached consensus on specific cooperation contents.

According to the Agreement, the Intelligent Agriculture Center will rely on the two universities’ predominant disciplines to conduct research and practice in agricultural digitalization, germplasm innovation, green and low-carbon technologies, water-saving practices, disease prevention and control, machinery operation, targeted management, resilient and sustainable development, committing to make great contributions in strengthening food security barrier between China and Kazakhstan, opening a space for sustainable development, and building a China- Kazakhstan community with a shared future.